New in Katwijk:

Wake up and have breakfast in a beach house. Enjoying the murmur of the sea, taking a walk in the nearby dunes and enjoying the sunset on your private porch in the evening, it is an unique experience.

Since march 1, 2018 we have 5 brand new beach houses for rent. Right on the beach. Book now!


Unfortunately, it is not possible your car or cars at your Beach House.
Of course, you can park your car for loading your luggage to and
from-next to beach pavilion SandCbar drive. It is possible to park your
car on the boulevard in the parking bays. 

You pay EUR2.00 per hour. On Sunday you can park here for free. You can
also buy a day ticket for the parking ticket at EUR10.00. This is valid
until the next morning 10 am. 

You can also Park in the parking garage of the Zeehospitium, Zeehosplein
25, 2225 JJ Katwijk aan Zee. The car park is open from Monday to Sunday
from 7 am to 11 pm. Maximum headroom is 2 meters. You pay EUR1.60 per
hour. Maximum daily rate EUR8.00. Lost card is EUR8.00. You can pay at
the vending machine with coins, banknotes, ATM card and credit card. 

It is also possible to park in the parking lot to the Avenue of new
South near Football Club Quick Boys. In the parking lot to the Avenue of
new South is free of charge. Remember that this parking often is
occupied. Please note! On the whole Avenue of new South it is absolutely
forbidden to the parking. You risk this way a parking fine. 


Situated next to SandCBar,
Since March 1 2017, the beach pavilion SandCbar has opened its doors. A nice renewed pavilion with a special twist where you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere, relaxed music and delicious food from the Mediterranean cuisine all season. We work with as many honest, fresh and natural products as possible.

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